Log Products

As an industry-leading log manufacturer and material supplier, Stevens Point Log Homes offers high-quality home materials and products at competitive prices. We deal in both full logs and half logs and we build custom log homes. Combining the creativity and technical expertise of professional design, we provide you with the best beginning for your custom home project. Buying directly from us eliminates all middlemen, ultimately helping you save big on your purchase. All our logs are kiln-dried, assuring you the best materials in the industry. Give us a call for a free consultation or fill out our online form to proceed!

Log Materials

We supply half log, full log, timber log, and accessories along with caulk, stain, and fasteners to you or your contractor DIRECT from the manufacturer. No middleman.

Half Logs

Our TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING is produced by actually cutting logs in half, maintaining the natural contours of the logs as opposed to machined and shaped from square timbers, called cants. This siding is actually half of the log, not simply a shaving of the log face. Our premium, hard-to-find hand-peeled style or our machine-assisted rustic-hewn style, combined with our full-log corners result in an exterior that is indistinguishable from full-log construction. When used in combination with conventional construction, the result is a traditional full-log home look at a lower price. Half-log siding is the perfect choice for remodeling projects. This siding is available in a variety of widths, from 6” to 14”.

Full Logs

Full-log construction provides the authentic, rustic comfort inside and out that only genuine, traditional full-log homes can offer.  When full logs are set, both the interior and exterior walls are complete, there is no need to sheet or insulate them.  Your logs are your finished walls, making this a beautiful, cost-effective, and energy-efficient option.  Full logs are available in 8” and 10” widths.

*Full logs are offered in hand-peeled or rustic-hewn style.

Corner Options

We offer several exterior corner options for your half-log or full-log package.  


Accessories can be an integral part of completing your log home project or can be used alone to provide rustic character. All pieces are available in a hand-peeled or rustic-hewn finish.

Timber Log Sliding

Timber log siding provides a flat, rustic, reclaimed wood look that has become more popular recently. The siding is 2” thick, making it lightweight and easy to install, and is offered in 8” and 10” widths. Made from kiln-dried pine, timber log siding is offered in rough-sawn or rustic-hewn finishes. Exterior corners can be finished with a vertical timber log, or an interlocking, dovetail corner. Timber log siding can be used on the exterior, or on the interior to provide warmth and character. 

Timber Log Accessories

Timber log accessories can be combined with timber siding, or are a great choice on their own in providing rustic characteristics inside or outside of your home. Our complete line of accessories includes:

Full Logs

Stevens Point Log Homes full log construction provides the authentic rustic comfort only genuine, traditional full log homes and log homes can offer. Beauty, Economy, Durability, & Tradition. All of these come with a genuine full-log home from Stevens Point Log Homes.

The “Traditionalist” believes that a log home must be a full log structure to be a real log home. These days, the flexibility possible with full-log homes is endless. Stevens Point Log Homes Full Log Home Construction gives you the real thing! You’ll love either choice – both are substantial and impressive!

Full Log Advantages

When the house is “framed” the interior/exterior is in place. On basic log home plans, it is cost-effective to use full log construction. When the full logs are set, both the interior and exterior walls are complete. There’s no need to sheet or insulate them. Your logs are your finished walls.

Point Log Advantages

All logs are kiln-dried to minimize checking/splitting, seepage, and settlement. Red and white pine is larger, plentiful, and cost-effective. Logs are milled to specific stack heights. A rustic hewn finish to keep the natural beauty/character of the wood. 

Full Log Misconceptions

Thermal mass and R-value are different forms of energy efficiency. Logs use thermal mass to keep your home at a steady temperature. By absorbing and emitting the surrounding temperatures, thermal mass is an efficient way to control your home’s climate. Of course, not all species of wood have the same efficiency; Red and white pine are ranked very high when talking about thermal mass! 

Installing Mechanicals

Installing Mechanicals is just a different concept with a full-log home. The log home building plans for all mechanicals while setting the logs. The electrician then runs his work through a conduit and back down under or through the floor system. Full-log homes are not necessarily more expensive. Like all homes, the cost depends on the design and materials. The use of quality materials and smart planning will give you an energy-efficient, economical home to last a lifetime. 

Our exclusive 10-Step Process

1. Select the logs.

We use the highest grade of Midwest pine and cedar logs meeting exacting size and quality standards.

2. Carefully sort, prepare, and debark.

Sawyers hand-select logs based on size, quality, and uniformity. The log is then debarked and allowed to dry.

3. Milled to exact specifications.

The logs are milled to the dimensions and standards specified by our customers.

4. Store under shed roofs.

The logs are stacked, bundled, and stored to protect them from weathering

5. Kiln-dry.

Our kilns sterilize the logs, minimize pitch seepage and log shrinkage, and dramatically reduce the weight of the logs.

6. Plane to uniform stack height.

This assures that the log heights are all the same, making installation easier.

7. Pre-scribe.

This preserves the log’s natural beauty while reducing on-site planning and maintenance.

8. Peel for an authentic look.

The logs are peeled with either a traditional drawknife or by our rustic-hewn machine peeler.

9. Dip in a wood preservative.

This protects from weather, insects, fungus, and mildew growth until you apply the stain and sealant of your choice.

10. Deliver to your job site on time.

We will deliver the complete project at once or deliver the priority logs first and the balance when you request them.