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We are currently looking for carpenters or laborers to grow with our team. Since we are a custom home builder and a log home outloer we can ofter a very diverse work environment so you should never be bored doing the same tasks over and over again. Log work is a unique and rewarding skill that very few have mastered.

Willing to train the right person if you have a great attitude, strong work ethic and are punctual!

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Are you looking for “Different”?
The log home industry is very unique. You will learn something new every day.

Are you looking for "Different"?

The log home industry is very unique. You will learn something new every day.

Great Benefits

We take care of our team. We offer benefits you don’t find with most custom home builders.

Not only log homes

Our passion will always be log homes but since we have become very well known for high quality custom homes we have decided to build conventional homes as well.

Benefits We Offer

Are you looking for “Different”?
The log home industry is very unique. You will learn something new every day.

Steady work all year

No down time here. In order to stay on schedule we need to work a minimum of 40 hrs per week.

Flexible Schedule

We understand life happens. We will work with you if the unforeseen happens. We are a team and teammates watch out for each other.

Learn Valuable Carpentry Skills

This isn't just a job. Just think about the things you will be able to do with your skills you will learn here. The money you save at a personal level being able to do the labor and not pay someone to do it. Hang a picture, hang a door, build a deck, build an addition to your home, build your dream home! Anything is possible with skills we provide.

Health Insurance

We provide a great health insurance plan along with dental, vision, life and short term disability. The best part is we pay 70% of your premiums.

Paid Holidays

We pay you to take these days off to spend with your friends and family. There are 7 paid holidays a year.

Earn Vacation Days

You get 24 hrs after 6 months of employment, 40 hrs after your first year and 8hrs every year after.

Travel Pay

Anytime you have to work out of town we pay tor your rooms and meals. We typically work within 11/2 hrs of our office in Stevens Point. If we are working over 20 miles from out office and you need to drive your own vehicle we pay you mileage one way to cover your gas/maintenance costs.

Compensation For Your Hard Work

I'm sure this is the answer you were waiting for. This is difficult to give you an exact pay but pay tanges from Stint to sir, It all depends on what you can offer our company in skills, labor and positive attitude.

We are hiring!

We are always looking for carpenters and general labor.

Current Positions
New and Experienced Carpenters

Carpenter responsibilities

  • Ability to read and understand blueprints.
  • Able to measure and calculate material.
  • Cut, shape and smooth wood and other materials safely and accurately.
  • Able to work effectively with other carpenters and laborers
  • Must be able to take direction and finish the job correctly and completely. We don’t like loose ends.
  • Able to work at heights of 20’+ on ladders, scaffold and equipment.
  • On time to work everyday rain/shine/snow/sleet
  • Come to work with a can do attitude. NO BAD ATTITUDES ALLOWED.
  • Able to travel overnight or full week/s at a time. Roughly 20% of your yearly hours could be travel. This is mandatory.

Job Description

The right carpenter would be cutting and fabricating mainly wood material in accordance to the blueprints provided. You would be working directly under our onsite supervisor so being able to take direction from the supervisor is a must!

A carpenter is an individual with great hand dexterity and an eye for detail. The ideal candidate will also have a good knowiedge of wood properties, carpentry materials and tools. Must be able to follow directions with little supervision. Must be able to take on any task given which could include sweeping, general cleaning, painting/staining or any other task that would be involved in a custom built home. You must be able to work safely in accordance with general OSHA safety rules and regulations.

Not a carpenter yet.... No problem

We train on the job

As long as you come into work everyday with a great attitude and ready to contribute to the success of our company, we are happyl We understand everybody starts their journey somewhere so if you aren't scared to work and ready to learn join our team.

Attitude is the key to success

We only accept team members that come to work everyday with a great attitude and the mindset to do whatever is asked of you. Our company has to be the best at what we do and we feel a great company culture is the key to being the best builder out there. No task is too big or small.

Just show up

As insignificant and silly as this sounds, this is another key to success. We have to be able to count on you to be at the job everyday ready to work We have tight schedules that need to be met so it is critical to the success of our company that you show up everyday ready to take on the day.

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