Our Company

Stevens Point Log Homes offers all aspects of your project – sales and education, manufacturing, and construction.  

Whether it’s a few log products or an entire home, we educate, explain, and give you the tools to ask informed questions. We work diligently with you and your contractor on your budget, the process, and your expectations. We’ll help you to renovate or build your log home dream with the finest products in the industry.  

Stevens Point Log Homes manufactures the quality log products we sell at our sawmill located in central Wisconsin. Our products are fully customized and our service is highly personalized to meet our customers’ needs. As the manufacturer we control the quality, inventory, and price of what we sell.  

We also provide full-service home construction within Central Wisconsin. Our highly trained and experienced staff and crew turn our customers’ dreams into reality, start to finish. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

Our History

In 1990, we founded our business to cater to the do-it-yourselfer and homeowner by offering a kiln-dried, hand-peeled product direct from the sawmill. Clients had flexible purchase power. They could buy one log or 10,000 direct from the sawmill.

Over the years, Stevens Point Log Homes grew in popularity and reputation, becoming one of Wisconsin’s most respected log home suppliers and builders. The company’s commitment to quality and sustainability attracted a loyal following of customers who appreciated the beauty and durability of their homes.

Today, Stevens Point Log Homes continues to build custom log homes and custom traditional homes using traditional techniques and the latest in modern technology. They are known for their attention to detail, craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction.