Our Process

Stevens Point Log Homes manufactures the best quality log products on the market. We produce our kiln-dried, hand-peeled, and pre-scribed materials at our own lumber mill in Central Wisconsin. We developed an environmentally conscious kiln-drying process by converting waste wood into energy, thereby eliminating energy costs and pollution.

Our exclusive 10-Step Process

1. Select the logs.

We use the highest grade of Midwest pine and cedar logs meeting exacting size and quality standards.

2. Carefully sort, prepare, and debark.

Sawyers hand-select logs based on size, quality, and uniformity. The log is then debarked and allowed to dry.

3. Milled to exact specifications.

The logs are milled to the dimensions and standards specified by our customers.

4. Store under shed roofs.

The logs are stacked, bundled, and stored to protect them from weathering

5. Kiln-dry.

Our kilns sterilize the logs, minimize pitch seepage and log shrinkage, and dramatically reduce the weight of the logs.

6. Plane to uniform stack height.

This assures that the log heights are all the same, making installation easier.

7. Pre-scribe.

This preserves the log’s natural beauty while reducing on-site planning and maintenance.

8. Peel for an authentic look.

The logs are peeled with either a traditional drawknife or by our rustic-hewn machine peeler.

9. Dip in a wood preservative.

This protects from weather, insects, fungus, and mildew growth until you apply the stain and sealant of your choice.

10. Deliver to your job site on time.

We will deliver the complete project at once or deliver the priority logs first and the balance when you request them.