Half logs

 Naturally, it’s more than just aesthetics!

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing building, enjoy the warm ambiance of logs with the practicality of conventional construction. Stevens Point Log Homes' TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING allows you to create an energy-efficient affordable home with a full-log look, allowing the homeowner to experience the natural beauty and other characteristics of the wood.

Our premium, hard-to-find, handpeeled style or our machine-assisted rustic-hewn style is thick enough to combine with full log corners resulting in an exterior that is indistinguishable from full-log construction. Both finishes preserve the natural wanes and irregular contours on the face of the half log. This may sound like an oversimplification, but in today’s log home industry there are many reproductions. Don’t be fooled. Unlike other log-siding products on the market, which are shaped from thick, square beams, called cants, our TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING is produced by actually cutting logs in half - maintaining the natural contours of the log. Comparing TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING to these other products is like comparing the uniformity of a brick to the varied and interesting texture of fieldstones.


  •  Full-log aesthetics at affordable prices
  • Total interior and exterior design flexibility
  • No log settling
  • Increased energy efficiency

Save Time and Money on Construction

TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING combined with conventional construction methods, allows skilled contractors to turn virtually any architectural style into a log building. Since gables, porches and other structural elements pose no installation problems for TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING, your interior and exterior design possibilities are endless. You can build the log home of your dreams.

  • Use your own contractor
  • Hidden mechanicals using conventional plumbing and electrical methods
  • Planed on three-sides for easier installation

Stevens Point Log Mfg’s TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING is massive enough, round enough and contoured enough to look just like full-log construction. Our product combined with our full-log corners creates the authentic ambiance you are looking for without the expense of the specialized contractors, designers, electricians and plumbers necessary to construct a full-log home.

Because TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING is kiln-dried like the rest of our products, one or two workers can easily manage an eight-foot length. Our specialists will work with you or your contractor to make sure your installation goes smoothly. We have learned a few tips and techniques over the years that make installation trouble-free. There is no need for specialized tools. No need for special contractors. No mandatory all-inclusive log-home company packages - just you, the contractor of your choice and versatile easy-to-use TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING.

Structural Integrity

TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING eliminates problems such as warping, twisting, and settling often experienced during full-log construction. The log siding components can be installed on any sized structure, from residential homes to larger commercial projects. TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING is the perfect covering for all your walls.

Another benefit you realize when you use our siding is its ability to adjoin to other non-settling materials. This is an important feature when building on a concrete foundation or installing a stone fireplace. Other log-products may shrink and lose contact with critical surfaces creating maintenance headaches in the future.

Interior Design Flexibility

TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING offers you limitless interior decorating options. Finish every wall for a complete log look, or use the logs to accent a room. The decision is yours - the important fact is that with TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING you have a choice. 

Save Money on Heating and Cooling Bills

TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING enhances the weather-tight qualities of your construction. Since our four to six inch thick siding is installed over a conventionally framed shell, it creates an impervious barrier between your living area and the wind, rain and other elements.

R-values soar when TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING is applied to the exterior of a typical wall. Combine exterior log walls with the corresponding interior log walls and you create a home that is very economical to heat and cool.

Kiln-dried TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING is a natural finish for your home or building. It provides the look and feel of our full-log construction with greater design flexibility. You can save time and money using TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING on your next home or on an existing building.

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