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Log home renovation for increased property value is easy with Stevens Point Log Homes logs - and we'll help!

  • Commercial or Residential
  • Exterior or Interior
  • One special room ( the man cave! ) or the entire home
  • Make even prefab and modular homes into log structures
  • We will help you with application techniques
  • We'll come to your jobsite and get you started

We have all the necessary materials for your project:

  • Logs
  • Stains & Caulks
  • Screws & Unique Fasteners

Improve any Building- Now You can Have a Prefab Log Home or Modular Log Home!

house before and after log renovation

Our economical half-log construction works with any kind of structure. Even modular and prefabricated buildings can have a beautiful, classic American log exterior or interior- or both! Take advantage of the newest construction techniques but add the classic log appearance you really want.

Installation is similar to other siding techniques. Our log siding uses hidden fasteners that provide a natural look. It's easy once you know how and we will walk you through the process.

A well done renovation can be indistinguishable from new construction and adds significant value, beauty, and enjoyment to your existing home.

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