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Building a log home?

Choose the logs you want BEFORE you choose the builder

  • Aesthetics:
    Hand Peeled vs Machined / Log Diameter / Species
  • Log Style:
    Full Log or Half Log
  • Corner Options:
    Partial Cope / Saddle Notch / Butt & Pass / Vertical Square / Vertical Log / Dovetail
a log home during a cloudy summer day

When the decisions are made, the right construction team can be assembled to work within your budget.

Typically, we work with clients on 3 levels. We can:

  1. Supply the logs and you are the general contractor
    (with our help)
  2. Build a weather proof structure called a dry-in shell which includes logs, framing, roof, windows and doors
  3. Build it for you from concept to completion

Call us now. Together we’ll figure out what works best for you. This industry can be confusing. Get the facts. We've been around since 1995. That gives us the experience to help you become a well-informed log home buyer.

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