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Our 10-Step Quality Process

Stevens Point Log Homes’ complete line of quality, log home building materials will enhance the look of your home or building for years to come. Listening to contractors and do-it-yourselfers, we developed a kiln-dried TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING that maintains the natural beauty of the wood while easing installation. For those who want the traditional feel of full log construction, the durability of our 10-step process is even more important for solid logs.

  1. Quality starts with the log.

    stack of raw cedar logs in yard The foundation of our 10-Step Quality Process begins with the highest grade of Midwest pine and cedar logs available. These logs meet exacting size and quality standards.
  2. Careful sorting and preparation result in the best log for the job.

    log run through debarking machine Sawyers hand-select logs based on size, quality and uniformity to determine the best use of each log. The log is then debarked and allowed to dry.
  3. Milled to exact specifications.

    a large saw blade cuts a log in half The log is then cut in two for half-log siding, or kept at a ful log spec. Each half is milled on three sides according to pre-specified standards. Our sawyers over-cut the log to compensate for the shrinkage that occurs during the kiln-drying process.
  4. Debarked logs are always stored under shed roofs for protection.

    debarked logs stacked under shed roof Throughout the process from debarking to final delivery, the logs are stacked, bundled and stored under one of our many shed roofs to protect them from weathering.
  5. Kiln-drying - an essential step for beautiful, high-quality logs.

    a loader loads logs into a kiln Our logs are placed in our state-of-the-art kiln until they meet our stringent moisture content standards. Kiln drying produces the best quality log material on the market today. This essential step provides the following benefits:
    • Sterilizes the log, killing most mold spores, fungus and insect larva
    • Minimizes pitch seepage
    • Minimizes log shrinkage
    • Dramatically reduces the weight of the log

    Read more about our kiln-dried logs.

  6. Planed to uniform stack height.

    two men operate a log planer at sawmill After an order is placed, each log is planed to its final size to meet uniform stack height requirements. Stevens Point Log Homes assures you the 8″ high log product you order is actually 8″, 10″, or 12″ high when it is delivered to your site. This consistency makes installation easier.
  7. Log pre-scribing reduces labor and maintenance costs.

    man pre-scribes log at sawmill Stevens Point Log Homes pre-scribes each log to eliminate shelving or pooling areas on the meeting siding surfaces that could trap water and compromise the durability. Pre-scribing preserves the log’s natural beauty while reducing on-site planing and maintenance; this saves you time and money on the job site.
  8. Peeling

    two men hand peeling logs at sawmill Skilled craftsmen create one of two surface textures:
    • Using traditional drawknives, craftsmen manually create the handpeeled finish (as pictured) for an authentic look and feel.
    • The rustic-hewn finish, created by a machine-assisted technique, provides a unique, non-patterned look.
  9. Wood preserving solution offers another layer of protection.

    applying preservativeto logs at sawmill With the sizing, texturing and kiln-drying completed, the logs are dipped in wood preservative to protect from weather, insects, exterior fungus and mildew growth until they are delivered to the building site. The preservative protects the wood until the final stain is applied.
  10. Delivered to your door - on time!

    semi truck with full load of logs The logs are shipped to your building site. We will deliver the complete project at once or deliver the priority logs first and the balance when you request them.

Stevens Point Log Homes is available to answer questions about your log project throughout construction. We also provide installation assistance. Just give us a call, (877) 646-8564.