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Full Logs

Stevens Point Log Homes full log construction provides the authentic rustic comfort that only genuine, traditional full log homes and log homes can offer. Beauty, Economy, Durability, & Tradition. All of these come with a genuine full log home from Stevens Point Log Homes.

The “Traditionalist” believes that a log home must be a full log structure to be a real log home. These days, the flexibility possible with full log homes is endless. Stevens Point Log Homes Full Log Home Construction gives you the real thing! You'll love either choice - both are substantial and impressive!

Full Log Advantages

When the house is "framed" the interior/exterior is in place. On basic log home plans it is cost effective to use full log construction. When the full logs are set, both the interior and exterior walls are complete. There’s no need to sheet or insulate them. Your logs are you're finished walls.

Point Log Advantages

All logs are kiln-dried to minimize checking/splitting, seepage and settlement. Red and white pine is larger, plentiful and cost effective. Logs are milled to specific stack heights. A rustic hewn finish to keep natural beauty/character of the wood.

Full Log Misconceptions

Thermal mass and R-value are different forms of energy efficiency. Logs use thermal mass to keep your home a steady temperature. By absorbing and emitting the surrounding temperatures, thermal mass is an efficient way to control your home's climate. Of course, not all species of wood have the same efficiency; Red and white pine are ranked very high when talking thermal mass!

Installing Mechanicals

Installing Mechanicals is just a different concept with a full log home. The log home builder plans for all mechanicals while setting the logs. The electrician then runs his work through conduit and back down under or through the floor system. Full log homes are not necessarily more expensive. Like all homes, cost depends on the design and materials. The use of quality materials and smart planning will give you an energy-efficient, economical home to last a lifetime.

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