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Builder's Corner

Log Builder Referral Service

Log home styled McDonalds

Customers are always asking us to refer them to a quality log builder or contractor. Often a contractor who builds a home or other structure using our TRUE HALF-LOG siding or full-log construction will be considered an experienced log home contractor in that particular region. Work with us on your next project, and we will refer interested customers to you. Email .

True Log Measurements

Using strict standard sizing, we cut, kiln-dry and then re-size our log home products to achieve consistency without sacrificing the natural look of the exposed face. Our 8″ product will have an exact 8″ stack height. Even though the industry allows other companies to vary their stack height by +/- ½″, we believe accurate measurements are key to beautiful buildings. Our product looks good to you; you look good to your customer, before and after installation.

Eliminate Power Planing of Logs

men hand peel logs

We eliminate 90% of your job site power planing. Experience has taught us that by prescribing the face of our full log or TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING so that both top and bottom meeting flats are peeled to a depth of 2 inches, our logs and siding install faster, easier and are more profitable for our contractors.

Stevens Point Log Homes Delivers

semi truck with a load of finished logs

Our contractor-friendly deliveries are always on schedule. Whether you order the whole project delivered at once or you split deliveries, you can depend on Stevens Point Log Homes' timeliness. In addition, when you split your order, we will make sure all the priority logs are delivered first. Then, just give us a call and we will schedule the balance of your delivery.

You Have Our Support

Never used our product before? That is not a problem. You don’t have to muddle through the first job on your own. At the start of your project, Stevens Point Log Homes works with you on the estimate of your project so you won’t run into shortfalls or overruns.

large staicase built with logs

We also provide FREE on the job training in the field. You will be trained in the proper installation methods and techniques, including: layouts, cutouts for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fixtures and many other tricks of the trade. Your first installation project will be completed with the same quality of an experienced installer.

Pre-cut and pre-assembled products are available to help you even more. Eliminate the guesswork of stairs, railing and mantels. Just give us the measurements and we will deliver all the components pre-cut with easy-to-follow assembly directions or pre-assembled ready to install pieces.

You don’t have to shop around for stains, caulks, fasteners or planking either. We stock a full-line of log home building necessities that will help you complete the job.

Log Renovations

house before log renovation
house after log renovation

Since not all your projects start with a bare lot, Stevens Point Log Homes can also help you renovate existing buildings. Change the exterior or renovate individual rooms with a cozy log cabin motif. We will help you with the design and work up a detailed cost estimate and material list.