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What We Offer

For years, the only way to buy log home materials was through the purchase of a complete log home package, making log homes too expensive for many people. Stevens Point Log Homes answered the log home industry's need for a direct seller of log home materials at sawmill-direct prices.

We found that the process of building a log home can be confusing since product names and corner styles are branded differently.

Our experienced staff at Stevens Point Log Homes will guide you through the building process. We educate, explain, and give you the tools to ask informed questions. We work with you on budget, the process and expectations. We'll help you build your log home dream with the finest product in the industry.

Buy high-quality materials direct and SAVE!

You can count on the quality with our state-of-the-art kiln-drying process. All our logs are kiln-dried, assuring you the best materials in the industry. Ninety percent of other log manufacturers still do not provide the kiln-dried advantage our company has offered since 1990.

Get all the benefits of kiln drying

  • Minimize log shrinkage
  • Eradicate most mold, mildew and fungus spores
  • Exterminate insect larvae
  • Reduce sap seepage
  • Reduce log weight which eases placement during construction

Read more about our kiln-drying process.

Benefits to buying direct

Our quality comes at an economical price when you buy direct. You don?t have to purchase an all-inclusive package, which can include not only the logs, but also the shingles, decking, windows and other building components. You save when you buy logs from Stevens Point Log Homes and other materials from vendors you know and trust.

  • There is no middleman to pay
  • You buy only the log materials you want
  • You are free to comparison shop for the best prices on shingles, framing, decking, windows and insulation
  • Buy from companies you trust

No hidden costs

We are not a distributor. We produce our kiln-dried, handpeeled and pre-scribed materials at our own lumber mill in Central Wisconsin. We provide itemized price lists for each project, so you know your costs up-front.

You have our guarantee!

Each log accepted into production, whether for authentic full log construction or as true half-log siding, is milled to precise specifications, given either a hand-peeled or rustic-hewn finish, and kiln-dried to give your project the warm, secure look of full-log construction that will last a lifetime with a minimum of maintenance.

A lifetime of comfort and beauty begins with Stevens Point Log Homes.