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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between a full log home and half log home?
A. There's more than one difference. The core difference is that with half log construction, the half log home is built just like a conventional style home with dimensional (standard) lumber, and log siding is attached to the studs. So, that method presents more design opportunities and choices- you can build any home design with half log construction.
A full log home gives you the rich, classic appearance of traditional logs both inside and out. Both types of log construction have their strong points and situations for which they're best suited and most efficient. Full log construction is economical and the best when you want a real back-to-basics feel and have a simple floor plan. A half log home is great for a modern, larger house with more complex floor and mechanical (electrical, plumbing, and HVAC) plans.
Q. What is the average cost of a custom full or half log home?
A. We can tell you that it's about $150.00 per sq/ft. This average fluctuates on how one chooses to finish their home.
Q. How often do you have to stain a log home?
A. A quality stain allows you from 3 to 5 years. Point Log started out as a mill, so we have perfected our wood materials. With our kiln dried logs, quality stain/caulk and an experienced log home builder your homes routine maintenance is minimal.
Q. What other maintenance is there in a log home other then staining?
A. With true half-log construction, there's no other maintenance, since the logs are not structural. In a full log home, using logs as structural components means occasional work to compensate for log shrinkage, settling, and movement. In a half log system these simply aren't things you ever need to be concerned with.
Q. How long should a log home last?
A. A well-designed and properly maintained log home should last forever.
Q. What are some design ideas to make log home maintenance simpler?
A. It's a good, practical idea to keep the first course (row) of logs at least 18 inches above grade, and also to have at least two foot overhangs on all eaves.
Q. What are the benefits of kiln dried logs?
A. Kiln drying logs reduces sap seepage, sterilizes the logs (which kills spores, fungus, larvae), and it minimizes shrinkage, checking and settling. Our kiln dries all log components to provide you with quality materials.
Q. How much more does a metal roof cost than a traditional shingled roof?
A. A metal roof can cost up to 3-4 times more then a standard shingle roof, but it is a one time only process and far more weatherproof.
Q. How far away do you travel to build our log homes? How far will you ship log kits and packages?
A. Stevens Point Log Homes, Inc., ships all over the United States and has relationships with builders throughout the Great Lakes region and in various parts of the country. Most of our homes are in Wisconsin, the Chicagoland area, Minnesota, and Michigan's U.P. We ship log packages anywhere within the continental United States, though most clients are in the Midwest and Plains states.